We are Washington DC area based IT bootcamp company specializes in training experienced professionals from banking, finance and accounting background to make them high level IT Consultants on par with Accenture/Deloitte.

Total Immersed

Intensive bootcamp where student is immersed in course material which is directly relevant to the job they are going to perform

Project Work

Combination of Hands on Skills, Dummy Projects followed by Real World Projects , Bring your own project


Real world geeky instructors to make you industry ready , Relevant content “No beating the bush”


Come prepared to study 10 -14 hours a day of distraction free learning , Work with peers till late and make some real world programs

Our Philosophy :

1. We Learn by Real Scenarios – Learning should be based on real scenarios and challenges which a developer will potentially face on the daily basis. We prepare our BootCamp to closely resemble a real work environment. In our world its called “Scenario Based Training” and I am sure you will hear about it multiple times during the BootCamp.

2. We Learn by Doing Thing Ourselves – AIT BootCamp is not a typical classroom. Think of it as a hand on project development. You will be learning by “doing and building “, not just by sitting back and listening.

3. We Learn Together – @AIT BootCamp emphasis is given on working together. You would always have a partner to work with, discuss a problem or even share a laugh. Intensive team building exercise and games will make learning fun. More like “Fun @ work”.

4. We Learn with Mentors – There would be a lot of one-to-one attention. Advisors and industry specialist will be visiting on frequent basis to talk about latest industry trend. You never know you can find a “Mentor for Life”.

And along the way you might learn some theory as well…..

“According to the Business Insider ,Most of the banking, financial and accounting jobs will be done by Robots and software in next 20 years.All those jobs will require IT skills with financial background. ”


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